About us

Ravnice rooms and apartments is newly opened offering accomodation which is affordable and pleasant.

Ravnice rooms and apartments is established and run by Vera Pesjak, the owner and creator of Zagrebs first private hostel, Ravnice youth hostel, in 2001. The hostel had closed 2015, but its buildings are reopened for accommodation for travellers only during the summer holidays, as they are used as permanent student accommodation during the year.

The accommodation itself was designed and build by Vera, who is an architect by profession, a well established hostel owner and an active traveller. Vera has been member of the hostel association in the region, such as the Best Balkans hostels. She has attended many hostels conferences in Europe and in general is well connected with hostels and accommodation across Croatia and its wider region.

Vera is happy to talk about culture, history, the latest events in Zagreb, best markets and the sights to see in Zagreb. She is known to welcome her guests with a local traditional drink and coffee.
Enjoy your stay at Ravnice rooms and camping

Vera Pesjak